Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Pascal's Triangle

Pretty Nifty ;-)
If you go into the Pascal's Triangle mode on the program and put your side values for the triangle at 8 and 10 for about 30 rows. You get arpegios that are almost in the C major Scale I think, anyway it's really close to a scale so it doesn't sound horrible. Be sure to do mod for your scaling because the numbers get too large so division will just give you 30 notes of the same pitch which is really annoying.

The month numbers posted previously were actually created by mapping old constellation maps to a 3 octave scale of my choice. I generated those numbers with my own system and it turned out amazing.


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Blogger Mrs. Roshon said...

Ahh here's another nifty ditty
Go to the Powers function
pick numbers 1-77
to the power of 3
scale from 45 to 58
Perform mod
Scale note values from 0 to 3
Press play, I liked the tune best on bottle blow at 165bpm

4:42 PM  
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